Our Mission

Our MISSION is to ease the suffering of unwanted and neglected dogs of any breed, any age, any size.
• We will provide a safe haven for animals in need of shelter and will provide the necessary resources for proper care and training.
• We primarily rely on donor support and fundraising efforts. We do not receive any financial support on the state or federal level. We host many Blue Dog Shelter fundraising events throughout the year to help in this effort.
• Overpopulation is a primary contributor to animal suffering - We will spay/neuter every animal in our care.
Health, cleanliness, and exercise are key components to all of our rescues; we will provide a clean environment, with daily exercise, healthy diet, and the best healthcare our resources can provide, while an animal is in our care.
• Behavior problems are the number one reason for animal relinquishment; while in our care we will provide all of our dogs with positive reinforcement reward based training in addition we will work with any known behavior issues to the best of our ability.
• Inappropriate matches between dog and family frequently result in abandonment; making an appropriate match between dog and potential adopter is key for a successful adoption. We will make every effort to know our dogs and the families they may be paired with to ensure a lifetime bond.
• An important piece of our adoption contract will require a completed positive reinforcement, reward-based training program at training facility of your choice (must be approved). It is our belief that our 90% success rate of our dogs staying in their homes is directly correlated to this policy.
• We believe that motivational training secures the human/animal bond between you and your new lifetime companion. In addition, it helps to create solid leadership skills in new owners.
• We microchip every dog that passes through our doors, which, if lost, will lead them back to their beloved pet parents.
• With the best of intentions, sometimes dogs have to be returned - every animal that we help is a part of the Blue Dog Shelter family and are welcome back with open arms.

i0t6ga0uOur Goal for the Future

To create a safe sanctuary of empathy and love for these marvelous friends who for one reason or another cannot be placed into a forever home – their home will become Sunshine’s Haven: Sunshine was a beautifully sweet Bull Mastiff owned and loved by Jeni Mather. Sunshine spent a lot of her time guiding the way for many adoption dogs at the shelter. In the fall of 2002, she was diagnosed with lymph node cancer. Everyone was hoping that chemotherapy would keep her happy and alive for a few more years, but sadly after battling cancer for more than nine months, Sunshine passed away on June 3, 2003.

This goal of a sanctuary, however, takes hard work and a lot of money and resources. If you are interested in helping out "Jeni's Wish", please send donations to the Brockton Blue Dog Shelter with "Sunshine's Haven" in the memo line. If there is a service your company would like to offer or donate to the construction of the sanctuary, please call us at 508.436.6446.